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On my radar screen

My wife and I went to see Star Trek today.  In the middle of the movie water began dripping on me from above - a sign of things to come!  I changed seats and enjoyed the rest of the movie.

When we left the theater it was just starting to rain again.  As we got to the car big huge drops were falling.  It proceeded to rain harder than I've seen around here in a long time!  The roads were flooding but the car was fine.  My wife was worried about the brakes but I knew that regenerative braking would not be affected by the rain :-)

On the way home I pulled up the Sirius weather radar - it flagged the hot spots in the storm with dark red - really cool!  By the time I took this picture the worst had passed and the dark red hot spots had moved on:



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Reader Comments (3)

Does the radar screen show radar in motion or merely a snapshot in time. Either way, it's pretty cool. When I encounter weather I have a few weather apps on my iPhone and I like to see where the precipitation is heading in relation to where I'm driving. Very cool to have it integrated in the vehicle. I know some of the newer models have it but I wasn't aware the FFH had it. Nice plus!!!

July 23, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDave Windsor

Its a snapshot of when you brought the screen up. I think it updates every 5 minutes, but you may have to exit out of the screen and go back in to see the update.

July 24, 2009 | Registered CommenterBill Wood

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