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MPG Report

Today I hit a new record mpg on my way to work of 54.4 mpg.  The way home won't be as kind; I generally average 36-37 mpg because of the hill from King of Prussia to Route 30.  They don't call it "Great Valley" for nothing!

I'm driving with the Engage display which shows engine power as its distributed between the electric and internal combustion engine (ICE).  I like this guage because I can clearly see the contribution of the electric engine to the torque being generated.  Sometimes I'll see the electric engine add power for a moment, even when I'm on the highway.  Its interesting to watch and learn how I might drive more efficiently by taking advantage of those brief power injections from the electric engine.

I had been driving with the Empower display which allows you to easily gauge how much throttle you can apply before the ICE comes on, so you can remain in EV (electric vehicle) mode longer. In Empower mode you can really ride the edge of EV mode to ICE turning on quite closely.  But I find the Engage display a bit more informative and I am learning how to judge the EV threshold using it.  I'm not sure its best for mileage to eek every drop out of the limit of EV mode anyway.  Doing so discharges the battery when it may be more efficient overall to turn on the ICE for a moment and get a surge of power.

On this tank of gas I've gone 315 miles at 40.2 mpg.  I think I can easily hit 41 mpg if I don't take too many short trips, which reduces gas mileage because the ICE has to come on to warm up when you start the car.  Overall I still only have about 490 or so miles on the car after just over two weeks owning it.

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Reader Comments (3)

Hi Bill - can you post pics of what each of the 4 modes look like on the screen? Thanks - Jeff

June 25, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterjeff_h


See this picture and the three following it:

Empower is picture number 32 and Engage is number 33.

- Bill

June 25, 2009 | Registered CommenterBill Wood

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