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Creepy old lady be gone!

I don't know if its the new route I took to work today or the new technique I'm using but I got 57.3 mpg on the way in, just hitting 50 mpg on the current tank of gas (which I started yesterday).

The new work route has more back roads and is probably not quite as hilly, although its hard to say for sure.  Since its not as well travelled I can go at my own pace more often and not bother anybody.

The new technique may or may not be helping.  When the internal combustion engine (ICE) first comes on there is a burst of power from the electric engine to make the transition to the ICE smooth.  If you also accelerate as the ICE comes on, that burst of electric help is prolonged for a while; I'm still experimenting with how long I can make it last.  It seems to be dependent on sustaining and increasing the acceleration.  This is nice because you get a boost of power with both engines helping and (I'm hoping) less gas used because the electric is on too.  This would be ideal because if this technique works you could accelerate smartly when necessary instead of creeping along like an old lady trying to keep the revs down.  It may use too much battery power to be sustainable.  Time will tell.

I'm still using the Engage display so I can see the relative power contributions of the electric and ICE.

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