A Winter's Day
Thursday, February 11, 2010 at 11:46PM
Bill Wood in FFH, Ford Fusion Hybrid

The winter weather in the mid-Atlantic this winter has been brutal!  Yesterday and the day before we were treated to a heavy (12") snowstorm, on top of one the week before.  That one dumped 18" but this latest snow was heavier and I think there was actually more of it even though it was only 12". 

Normally I would connect to my work computer from home and not bother to go into work on a day like today, but I needed to bring my work computer out of standby - there was a power failure at work during the storm.  The snowplow came early to my house, and I decided to plow ahead to work. 

The roads are usually cleared up pretty quickly around here (we're used to snow) but not today.  I had tried my FFH in snow before and it's not nearly as competent and fun in snow as my former car, an Audi A6 Quattro.  It's no BMW X5 either - during the last snowstorm, the 18" one, I was able to drive my wife's X5 out the driveway when it wasn't plowed!

Yet I was pleasantly surprised at how well my FFH handled the snow with its front wheel drive.  Much better than I expected.  I never felt in danger although I took it slow in places.  I even managed to snap this picture through the windshield with my new BlackBerry Storm 2:

When I got to work I was the only one there.  I brought my computer out of standby, but there was no network connectivity - the data center was still recovering.  I'd have been better off staying at home!

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