EV mode stops working
Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 4:40PM
Bill Wood in EV mode, FFH, Ford Fusion Hybrid, mpg

I went to lunch today (2-3 miles from work) and EV mode would not go on even at stoplights.  I even tried turning the car off and on but no luck.  The engine was on the whole time, although at lights it would go into a kind of hibernation where it was on but not doing anything according to the HEV display.  The battery was charged to the max.

The same thing happened on the way back from lunch.  Finally, just as I arrived back at work EV mode started working again.  I wonder if this is what Ford meant in the manual when they wrote on page 7:

Your hybrid high voltage battery may periodically re-condition itself to ensure maximum efficiency.  You may notice slight changes in drivability during this process, but it's an important part of your hybrid's high voltage battery opitmization features.

My great gas mileage of 44.5 for this tank is now 43 :-(

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