Running at 0 mpg
Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at 2:59PM
Bill Wood in FFH, Ford Fusion Hybrid, mpg

I got home the other night and sat in the car listening to a blog I was playing from my Blackberry (via Bluetooth to MS Sync) for a few minutes. Usually I always turn off the car as soon as I get home, even if I'm going to sit and listen to something for awhile longer.  The car was silent and I must have spaced out because I forgot to turn the car off, even after I had finished listening, and went into the house.   This was at 5pm.

Seven hours later, at 12 midnight, as I was going to bed, I heard my car running outside the window.  I looked and there she was, humming along with the headlights on!  If you leave the car on in Park for a long time it will periodically run the engine to keep the battery charged.

I ran downstairs to turn the car off. When I had gotten home earlier the "tank" average miles per gallon was 43.7 mpg. Amazingly, after running for seven hours straight, the average was only down to 39.7 mpg. I figured out that the car had burned about a half a gallon of gas while it was sitting in my driveway. Not too bad for being on for seven hours!

By the way, I use PodTrapper for Blackberry which is absolutely the best podcast player for BlackBerry!

Update on Friday, April 30, 2010 at 3:44PM by Registered CommenterBill Wood

Amazingly, I did this again yesterday, only I was at work.  I must be getting old...

This time the car was on from 9-5 and used only 0.3 gallons - must be because the car lights were not on and the battery didn't need to be charged as often.

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