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New features coming to Sync?

This article describes a new open programming interface for Sync that will allow really cool things to happen!  Someday soon you may be able to run applications on your mobile phone that interact with Sync's user interface (including voice control), and with the Internet.

It will be very exciting if this pans out, and also if (and this is a big if) the new API will work on 2010 and earlier versions of the Sync hardware.  The article mentions there will be a Sync announcement at CES on Jan 7, 2010 - perhaps we will know then.

The article also mentions a $395 option that will be offered via Sync for in-car WIFI so your fellow travelers can access the Internet through a cellular data card.  This is not that exciting when you consider that this requires an additional data plan for the data card on top of what your mobile phone may already have.  In any case, there's a cheaper option, which is to use your existing cell phone mobile data plan in the car with the Cradlepoint Cradle-PHS300 Personal Hotspot.  This runs on battery but you can always charge it with the FFH's built-in A/C adapter.  :-)

One thing the article does not mention, and would seem to be a natural extension, is to allow Sync to access the Internet directly via the Bluetooth connection to the phone and the phone's connection to the Internet.  One could imagine an application that updates you on stock prices, or even allows you to access Pandora directly via Sync instead of via the mobile phone.  The advantage of this approach over the approach described in the article is that the mobile phone is simply a data carrier, and there is no need for a dedicated application on the phone.


What they don't tell you about MS Sync

They don't tell you much!  There are a couple of pretty lame forums for Sync that don't get much traffic.  Then there's SyncMyRide but you need a VIN number to join that. 

Why aren't there any enthusiast reviews of Sync?  Perhaps Ford and Sync aren't "cool" enough to attract the kind of fanatical following that the Prius has among the gadget-conscious.

I've had some limited exposure to Sync in my test drives.  As I learn more about it I'll post about Sync and its good points/bad points.