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Under the wire

I have a 1998 Audi A6 2.8.  Its a little long in the tooth and only gets 17 mpg average - and that's when its warm out.

My requirements for a new car were simple:

  1. I wanted a hybrid - I'm a technology buff and hate paying $70 for a fill-up like I did in the summer of 2008
  2. The stereo must be excellent! The Audi has a great Bose system.
  3. It should have streaming A2DP bluetooth support so I could play music from my BlackBerry through it

I had been planning to look at the new 2010 Prius, thinking I might pick one up this year sometime.  Then I happened to read about the $3400 tax credit if you purchased a new FFH prior to March 31, 2009.  This was on March 28th!

It wasn't clear to me whether I had to buy or just order a car by March 31.  Buying one was not an option because the car wasn't in dealerships in my area yet.  I visited a dealer to look at a 2009 Fusion and he showed me a memo from Ford - it said "order or purchase" by March 31 to take advantage of the credit.  A subsequent check of the IRS website confirmed this.  I'll post the link if I can still find it.

My brother-in-law helped me find a dealer in Princeton that would order one for $500 over invoice.  To make a long story short, I was able to leverage that with a local dealer (NOT the one who I first went to) and ordered an Atlantis Green FFH with the works (502a package) for $30,120 plus tax.  Not a bad deal, as I've read stories of dealers looking for higher than MSRP in some locations.  I should have it within 8 weeks!