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Forum > Fans of FIFA 16 have the opportunity to vote for players question to cover the game!

'FIFA 16' in progress and marketing of the game is already very active, with many players advertisement for the new version. fifa coins is doing a good job dealing with the relationship with the society, and yet it promises to be a very strong statement that can shoot the franchise even further forward.

It is already the title of leading football matches and even sport in general, but there is no doubt that EA may do more to ensure that FIFA gets a lot of recognition. Now, studio to vote for the player decided to get fans even more involved in the next game, and give them a chance, you want to appear on the cover of 'FIFA 16'. There are many options available, and players receive a variety of tools to gather their views. Or show your support on Twitter, as well as playing the game - and they earn points, which can then contribute to the player.

The favorite campaign have and will continue until July 5, even those who want to make their favorite stars are next Game Cover You have not had much time to make their own contribution. It's Lionel Messi decided to hide, but he will be joined by another player who does not fit in stone yet - and looking at the way the voting has been going so far, it's really hard to say who comes from Victor values ​​end.It and noted Campaign This is valid for only a few areas in which the game will be sold - namely Australia, France, Latin America, Mexico and the United Kingdom. In these countries, and the cover of the game is to go to the audio player function, but we have no information about the situation in other parts of the world.

The include also will be unique for each of the five countries, and the players in each of them was given a different set of players to select from. For example, fans can choose from Thibaut Courtois UK, Jordan Henderson, Sergio Aguero and Harry Kane.Players can throw one 'normal' voice each day until the end of voting, but there are also ways of additional votes, for those who want to really to commit to vote and help their favorite players rise to the top. ut coins Players have a variety of options to contribute to the extra effort, and it seems that it has been given everyone a chance.

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