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Subsequently, 'Daily Mail' broke the news, this time in the Chelsea training Azar poor attitude, every time the first one to leave the training ground, after the fifa coins noon lunch, he always ended the first car to go home, but not to be together with other FIFA 16 ultimate teammates. While most Chelsea fans see this message when you are dismissive, Tucao this is just some good media based on hearsay evidence, but the world is always no smoke without fire. As Azar, the joining Chelsea in addition to have a rich reward, there is great hope that the FIFA 16 ultimate team as more important to get the coach's appreciation can be more room for development. At least for now, the Chelsea squad is indeed a lack of a super shooter will threaten Azar, Oscar these technical FIFA players made into FIFA goals. If the winter transfer window, Mourinho Abu able to bring a top killer, I believe that Adjara will be more fun to play more, focus Chinese Commercial News reporters Liao Yu and Xiang Yingchao 'London derby' in the wind cheap fifa coins and rain yesterday morning staged in the original fans Arsenal and Chelsea hope that two of the strongest FIFA 16 ultimate teams in London can offer a wonderful Christmas Day, but did not expect disappointing.

November 16, 2015 | Unregistered Commenterjma325