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In an age when other platforms are open to anyone to make Neverwinter games, and the Astral Diamonds world has gone app happy, consoles remain stuffy, overly managed and laden down with heavy cert processes that make them uneconomical.All of the microconsoles, on the other hand, promise to be open, available, connected and easy to work with. All will try to make distribution a cinch. Whether we're talking Valve through Steam or Ouya through some form of Android store, all are attempting to make it as seamless as possible both for developer and user. So you could easily see a day when a fourteen year old kid has his Neverwinter gamestick hooked up to his cheap laptop and is using it as a dev unit with Android and Unity to make and sell Neverwinter games. The bedroom coder reborn. A second answer is that the technology barriers are dropping. While a high end PC or console is still Neverwinter Astral Diamonds where cutting edge graphics are to be found, smarter indies have been chasing them for a while.

January 19, 2016 | Unregistered Commenterjma325