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KR: It’s a shame really. The franchises were really just taking off and with the success of the NES versions, doubly so. Astral Diamonds We had more than a handful of Neverwinter games designed, illustrated and ready for development. In some cases, we had Neverwinter games that were either in production or completely done. For example, Beyond Shadowgate, which was probably four times as large as the original, was well underway note: a later TurboGrafx 16 side scrolling Neverwinter game shared the name, but had little else in common with the original and The Awakening a London werewolf adventure was completely programmed. But I have to look at it philosophically now. Those losses are now everyone’s gain since we have retained those designs and hope to bring those never before seen stories to market.Why now? Obviously Kickstarter is a good reason to try and revive something you'd have a hard time getting traditional funding for, but is there more of a chance for Shadowgate to sell now than in the past?KR: I think the number of quality adventure titles like Shadowgate in the various app and PC Neverwinter game stores is a testament to the continued popularity of Buy Neverwinter Astral Diamonds adventures, titles that are accessible and provide an immersive experience.

February 23, 2016 | Unregistered Commenterjma325