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The Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement this week that sees two mobile game companies paying a combined $360,000 in civil penalties to settle charges their games violated the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act COPPA by allowing advertisers to collect personallyidentifying data on kids.The fact that the FTC is making a show of enforcing COPPAis notable because it'sover a quarter of a million dollars' worth of reminder that your games shouldbe COPPAcompliant if there's a chance they could collect personal information about a player under the age of 13, or be used to do so.Buy RS Gold That's effectively what happened in this latest settlement with developers LAI Systems and Retro Dreamer, which the FTC claims is the first time it'staken companies to task for violating the latest version of COPPA by allowing advertisers to collect personallyidentifying data about children.The former was accused of creating mobile games and apps aimed at kids My Cake Shop, Marley the Talking Dog and allowing thirdparty advertisers to collect personallyidentifying information from players of those games without either getting consent from the players or letting advertisers know the games were targeted at children.The latter,Happy PooJump pictured developer Retro Dreamer, was accused of making games for kids and letting advertisers collect personal info through them, even after one advertising partner explicitly warned the developer that they were violating COPPA.Retro Dreamer wound up paying $300,000 in civil penalties, while LAI Systems paid $60,000.Old School RS Gold If you're curious about ways to ensure your own games are COPPAcompliant, consider checking outthe Gamasutra blog of COPPA buff Roy Smith, who founded COPPA compliance aidAgeCheq in 2013. Gamasutra Former Angry Birds devs raise $759,000 to create new mobile RPGs
Finnish mobile startup Kopla Games, founded last year by a group of former Angry Birds developers, has raised 'euro700,000 $759,000 in seed funding from Flaregames and Gameforge founder, Klaas Kersting.Kersting has acted as an early stage investor for many startups including Supercell, Spacetime Studios and iQU, and has given Kopla a cash injection to help the studio expandits team and finish up its debut title, an action RPG codenamed 'Project Nonstop'.Kopla was founded back in 2015 by CEO Mika Kuusisto product lead,RS Gold Janne Jaakkola art lead, Ilkka Siik and tech lead. Vilppu Tuominen. The group initially teamed up while working on Rovio's Angry Birds franchise.Kopla are a highly experienced group with a unique mindset when it comes to developing mobile games, said Kersting.They have very impressive plans to expand their team in a scalable way. Gamasutra Don't expect HoloLens to launch anytime soon When I feel the world is ready, then we will allow normal people to buy it.

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