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Forum > Sony PS4 explains the higher prices in Brazil

Do you want to participate in beta RuneScape if there was one? What game do you feel you need to go with a hands-on understanding the best? Landscape will be released in the spring of 2014 years for the PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. System RespawnTwitter ': in 1886 released footage of the game. Runescape Gold Sony PS4 explains the higher prices in Brazil, says it is' bad Runescape players. Last week, Sony said in a recent announcement that the PS4 will have a high price in Brazil. Therefore, instead of $ 399 for players scape pay in North America PS4 cost more than $ 1,800 at the time of abandonment South America News country.After Brazilian price PS4 that many players RuneScape our comments section to express their anger at the price and show some solidarity, too few players RuneScape from Brazil came to say that prices for consoles and other types of technology, which has been high for some time, and even explained why this is happening. Needless to say, RS 07 Gold that sympathy RuneScape players around the world for its South America brethren.And accidentally was playing RuneScape in the comments section are not alone in their feelings about the high price for PS4s in Brazil. In fact, Sony on the outside, has come up with a public statement that explains exactly how to price jumps $ 399 $ 1,849.85 say in no uncertain terms, that the company believes that the prices are not good for RuneScape players and not good for the brand [them] PlayStation .To better illustrate how the price of PS4 in Brazil gets R $ 3999 Sony released a diagram of information and clear, and not just superficially any element, whether it is taxes and transfer rate or margins.As retailers in the information program shows graphic that a large part of the price of PS4 in Brazil comes from the amount of taxes, Old School RS Gold consumers will have to cover as going to the unity of South America. More than half of the retail price of PS4 in Brazil are related to taxes, but Sony hopes that may change in the future. So that the company can start the unit in Brazil production taxes.Right avoid heavy import but now that Sony must be in compliance with the law tax on imports and focus on PS4 for all of November of the relevant markets.

December 19, 2016 | Unregistered Commenterwenyue