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The NBA 2K series pioneered face-scanning technology, and now they are seeking to improve on the original concept. A free mobile app for Android and iOS will release on September 8, and it will allow gamers to scan their faces for inclusion in the upcoming NBA 2K17.NBA 2K17 Coins Rookie of the Year Karl-Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves is the cover athlete for the companion app. The app also includes the mobile card game that is very similar to wildly popular WWE SuperCard. You can access the MyTeam auction house to buy and sell cards. NBA 2K17 MT Coins There's also a MyPlayer Shop where fans can browse gear for their created player, and you can still win virtual currency on a daily basis. NBA 2K15 was the first game to allow gamers to use the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One Kinect camera to scan their faces for the game. However, the results were hit and miss. NBA 2K16 also had the same technology, and it didn't render better results. This year's game is moving to a mobile app which should eliminate many of the variables that caused gamers issues while attempting the scanning process. NBA Live 16 used a mobile app for their GameFace 2. 0 feature,Cheap NBA 2K17 MT and the results were far more dependable. While some developers may hesitate to adopt features and concepts created by their competitors, 2K has shown the desire to deliver the options that their fan base wants–even if they weren't the first to the tech. This isn't hip-hop where copying someone's style is frowned upon.

January 2, 2017 | Unregistered Commenterwenyue